About Us

We are a friendly, knowledgeable, down-to-earth group of pet care experts and enthusiasts headed by Christine Martin with years of experience.

Pet Companions Country Inn began when Christine decided to move on from a career in retail sales to pursue a lifelong passion. She began by making pet-care house calls to cats and dogs whose people were away and over the years worked and saved, moving the entire business onto a roomy animal-friendly piece of land she bought to house these dreams!

Christine’s farm is located on the top of a hill that overlooks the rolling landscape of southern Jessamine County. She keeps it lively with a variety of happy, friendly animals of all shapes and sizes. From llamas and peacocks to chickens, cats, horses and an ever changing menagerie.

Christine is an avid animal enthusiast and has a plethora of interesting friends on the farm. She has bred and trained a variety of animals over the years including, dogs, horses, ducks, llamas, goats and chickens. Come see who’s on the farm next time you drop off your pet